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We’ve raised over $100,000 for Sophie’s campaign!

Sophie’s campaign is off to a flying start. We’re out door knocking every day, corflutes are going up rapidly and we’ve passed the $100,000 mark in donations. Our campaign is going from strength to strength but the election is just around the corner and we need your help now.


There are only 56 days until early voting begins.

We know that 50% of voters will vote early before election day—that means we have less than two months to raise awareness of Sophie’s campaign in Kew. At this election, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lift the standard of leadership and debate in the Victorian parliament by electing Sophie as our representative. Sophie is offering our electorate a fresh start at this election but people can’t vote for Sophie unless they know she is an option. There is one extremely powerful thing you can do right now to drastically boost Sophie’s chances of winning and becoming the next member for Kew. 

Put up a free sign on your property

The best way to raise awareness of Sophie’s campaign is to put her face up on as many front yards, gates and balconies as possible. By putting up a free corflute, you are showing all your neighbours and every person who drives or walks down your street that they have a real alternative at this election. You will show them that their vote matters.

If everyone reading this email put up a corflute, we would double the amount up for any other candidate and show the electorate of Kew that Sophie has an incredible level of community support behind her. If you haven’t put a sign up yet, now is the time!

The weather won’t stop us

The weather hasn’t been particularly great for most of this week but that hasn’t stopped Sophie and our dedicated team of teal volunteers from braving the wind and the cold weather to knock on doors and hand out flyers. We even had volunteers out doorknocking in the rain yesterday.  

We are certainly very lucky here in Kew to have dedicated volunteers willing to help out on Sophie’s campaign in rain, hail or shine. With such passionate support from our community volunteers, we have every chance of sending Sophie to Spring Street! 
Would you like to join our volunteer team? We promise that door knocking in the rain is optional and not a requirement!

A week of policy briefings

Sophie has been very busy this week. Not only has she been out doorknocking every day, she has also managed to fit in several briefings on important policy areas including climate, the environment and public transport.

Most notably Sophie met with Lighter Footprints, the Kooyong Climate Change Alliance, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Victorian Forest Alliance. At Team Sophie we know how important climate action and environmental protection are to our community. We’ve had constant feedback from our doorknocking, street meet & greets and emails that you’re concerned about native forest logging, the reduction of our tree canopies and increasing temperatures due to global warming.

Sophie will be developing her policy priorities based on community consultation, guided by expert advice. You can let Sophie know what’s important to you via the contact form on our website or in person at the times listed at the end of this email.

Come and visit Sophie HQ

The wonderful Peter Kelly has been working tirelessly at Sophie HQ every day since we moved in. This week Peter has been busy assembling a wall to provide Sophie with a quiet place to work and hold meetings. Peter will soon add in a door and paint the wall teal and we just know it will look wonderful when completed. Thanks for all your efforts, Peter. 

Our office now has a comfy couch for anyone dropping in for a chat, so come and say hello! Sophie HQ is located at 177 High Street, Kew, with access from the Woolworths car park on Athenaeum Place. We’re open 9-5 on weekdays and 10:30-4 on weekends. We’re also on the lookout for volunteers to help take on reception duties. If you’d like to be a friendly face greeting locals as they stop by the office, sign up to volunteer.

Knock, knock 

Door knocking is the second most effective way to raise awareness of Sophie’s campaign and it’s lots of fun too. Every conversation you have when door knocking is another person who now knows that Sophie Torney is Kew’s community Independent candidate and an option for them at the ballot box.

The Kooyong campaign door knocked the entire electorate of 55,000 doors and we all know what happened on May 21st. In the electorate of Kew, there are only 20,000 doors. If every person on our mail list did just one door knocking session then we would door knock all 20,000 doors and send Sophie to Spring Street as the next member for Kew.

If you’ve never door knocked before, we will pair you up with an experienced door knocker and if you’d prefer you can take notes and let your partner do all the talking. 

Will you sign up for door knocking and help us knock on every door in the electorate?


Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our last fundraiser. We raised the $20,000 required to cover the rent of Sophie HQ for the duration of our campaign, taking our total raised so far just beyond $100,000. Without your generous support, we wouldn’t have this amazing space for our campaign office where we can host meetings and events, and I wouldn’t be sitting in Sophie HQ right now writing our weekly newsletter. This week Sophie had several important policy briefings in her office and it’s all thanks to you and your support.

We're now looking to raise $15,000 to spend on digital advertising so everyone in the Kew electorate can hear about Sophie’s campaign for a fresh start in Kew.

Digital advertising is a vital element of our campaign strategy, it allows us to reach thousands of people daily and is crucial in building Sophie’s name recognition. Sophie's Facebook and Instagram ads will be seen over
10,000 times with every $1,000 spent. If we can raise $15,000 then Sophie's ads will be seen over 150,000 times. This will have a huge impact on election day. 

Can you help Sophie win this election by donating today to keep our important Facebook and Instagram ads running?

Meet Sophie

Here’s where you can meet Sophie for a chat this week.

Corner of High Street & Walpole Street, Kew
12-1:30 PM

Greythorn Shops, 287 Donactser Road, Balwyn
12-1:30 PM

Kew Junction
10-11 AM

Balwyn North Village, 74 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North
11:15 AM - 12 PM

Pizza Night

You can also meet Sophie at our weekly pizza night, every Friday from 6 PM at 177 High Street, Kew. Stop by after work for a Friday night slice and a drink.


Every Friday from 4 PM our Volunteer Manager Johanna Andrianopoulos runs a youth engagement meet up at Sophie HQ. This is a great opportunity for young people to get involved in politics, share what’s important to them and have a key role in our campaign. 

If you know of a young person interested in politics between the ages of 16-25, send them along to Sophie HQ on Fridays from 4 PM.

Thanks once again for your support of Sophie’s campaign. I’ll see you out there on the campaign trail or at Sophie HQ for pizza night.


Hayden O’Connor
Campaign Director

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