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Poi Chan

Poi Chan 67, Retired IT Professional & Community Volunteer, Kew East

Poi believes independents will reinvigorate our state parliament.    

Dan Andrews has been there a long time now. He thinks he knows best, and he can tell people what to do. I have an issue with his captain's calls and the big spending promises. 

A lot of big infrastructure projects are delayed or have cost overruns. Labor is promising a whole lot of spending which I don't know will be good in the long term. I also didn’t like the way he renamed Maroondah Hospital after Queen Elizabeth. I like her very much, but I don't know if that's a good idea. 

I think it would be great if we have more independent voices to moderate Dan Andrews and stop his captain’s calls. Every proposal must be based on merits; we need independent voices, especially to scrutinise state spending.

 Previously, I voted for the big parties, but now I think neither party is very good. They aren't going anywhere and they're not doing a good job. The Liberals are fighting themselves to death. 

We have to try something different.

We need fresh ideas, and the independents can provide that, especially the new teals. They are educated, energetic and are injecting new blood into our parliaments.  

"I've met Sophie a few times. She is truly Kew. She lives here and is one of us. She's competent, smart, successful in her own career and a great listener and communicator. She’s not in this because she needs a new job. I believe she will make an impact."

What I like about the new independents like Sophie and Dr Monique Ryan is they see something needs to be done and that they can make the difference. 

We need new energy in the political system that’s not going anywhere.

I think independents will bring in different views. Sophie will listen to us, and act on what we think is better for everyone - for the community, and for the state.

What do you love about Kew East?

I have lived in the same house for 40 years. I love the parks, the streets, and the people here. I feel like it's part of me. Everything feels so safe and comfortable. I'm moving to an apartment at Kew Junction to be closer to everything. I just love the neighborhood.