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Jeff Ma

Jeff Ma 20, Medical Student, Kew  

Jeff says we need independent voices for democracy to flourish in the Victorian Parliament. 

Previously, I worked and volunteered with the Liberal Party, but I got disillusioned with the way that politics is run there. 

The candidates for the major parties are usually chosen by a select few and parachuted into electorates, but independents like Sophie are chosen by the community and for the community. Therefore, we can trust them to represent the issues that matter to the communities the most. 

The issue that concerns me the most is bringing more integrity into state politics. What I'm sensing in the communities all around me, especially in young people, is a growing dissatisfaction with the way our politics are run, both federally and on the state level. 

You need trust and integrity for democracy to flourish. That's why I'm so passionate about having more independent voices. When independent members develop their policy priorities and advocate for issues in parliament, their policy priorities are not dictated by the party. They are developed and cultivated in consultation with community members. 

We did things differently in the federal election by voting in an independent for Kooyong and we are already seeing how politics is being changed. I would love to see the same type of energy and passion injected into the Victorian State Parliament.

"Having more independents within the Victorian Parliament will mean that major parties will have to pay attention to the peoples’ voices and the issues that they truly care about. Independents will also keep politicians accountable for their actions." 

I'll be voting for Sophie because I know she has abundant experience in the private sector, having worked in corporations and start-ups, and the ability to navigate complex situations. But most importantly, she has a passion for this community and is not afraid to speak out. Democracy, especially in times of crisis, needs people like her to catalyse change for the benefit of the community. 

I'm looking forward to Sophie bringing her policy priorities that are developed in consultation with the community, seeing her advocate for a stronger Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC), and holding politicians to account within the Victorian State Parliament.

What do you love about Kew? 

I went to the local primary school and two local high schools and love the tight-knit community in Kew. I also adore the exquisite natural scenery along the Yarra Bend and Victoria Park.