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Craig Reeves

Craig Reeves 59, Transport, Kew

Craig thinks independents can break up the duopoly of the major parties and provide alternative voices to parliament.

The major parties are big machines and I think it’s time for change. It’s time to break the big parties’ monopoly on power and find something in the middle that balances it out and makes the Labor Party more accountable. 

I want something in between to keep the bastards’ honest. 

I think having an independent is a better solution for Kew. The Liberal candidate, Jess Wilson, was an advisor to Josh Frydenberg so I see her as a career politician. Career politicians sometimes lose sight of why they're there and what is important to people. They are good at hugging babies but are not connected to the community. 

Sophie is a woman of integrity. She has local wisdom that’s important to our community and that’s what makes her a good voice for us. She appeals to me because she is not a career politician and is truly independent. 

"Sophie has run a business and has been involved with Ukrainian refugees and local schools and sports clubs. She understands our community because she’s involved with a cross-section of people. I don’t see career politicians like Tim Smith sincerely involved in the community in that way." 

When it comes to making decisions about things like the pandemic, it would be nice to have independent voices in parliament to influence the way the government thinks. 

Monique Ryan is a doctor and Sophie has a business background. People like them who have been hands-on outside politics can provide alternative, balanced voices in the parliament.

This state election I hope a sweep of seats go independent and the Labor Party loses their monopoly on power. Hopefully, Dan Andrews will be humbled, and that humbling will inspire him to listen to other voices. 

What do you love about Kew?

Our little pocket is beautiful. I wake up every day thinking how lucky I am to live close to the Yarra. It’s 4km from the city, 10 minutes to fabulous restaurants and I’ve got parklands and the river. We are a very close-knit community; I know everybody, and we have street parties at Christmas time.