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Robyn Treyvaud

Robyn Treyvaud 69, Education Consultant and Author, Mont Albert North

Robyn says we need an independent thinker who listens to the community as our voice in parliament.

I struggle with the elitist, entitled, arrogant behaviour from both major parties. Federally the LNP assumed they would get back in and Labor at state level are obviously thinking the same thing. 

I suspect a lot of people think, “I don’t want to vote for either of the major parties, what’s the point? My vote is not going to count.”  

We need to convince people they have a voice and that their voice will be heard by Sophie’s campaign. 

"Instead of party hacks who only follow the party line, Sophie is an independent thinker who listens to the community. Mon is doing it very well and Sophie will do it very well. She's got a sense of humour and she's intelligent, very open, honest, and a willing listener. She looks people in the eye and engages with them."

I like people who are willing to take a calculated risk. If you don't give it a crack, you'll never know. Putting your career to the side and saying, “I want to make a difference to my community and I'm willing to make sacrifices to do that,” really resonates with me.

You need to be able to trust and respect your candidate and know they will be your voice in Parliament. So, make sure you jump on Sophie's website, follow her on social media so you get to know, trust and respect her to then vote for her. 

There are people around the world who walk hundreds of kilometres to vote because they value that democratic right. Now, I think we've become far too blasé about the gift we have in our democratic society. So, I will do anything to give voice to that and help Sophie be our voice in state parliament. 

When you are thinking about who to vote for in this state election, be an active voter, whatever that means to you. Don’t be a passive observer because it's not going to change anything. Your vote counts; don't waste it.

What do you love about Mont Albert North?

Where I live it feels like a village. I learnt during lockdown last year that I have everything I could possibly need, whether it’s medical, health or the library within 5km.