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The Home Stretch - Help us win Kew

On Sunday 6 November we will launch The Home Stretch of Sophie’s campaign for a fresh start in Kew at Victoria Park.

We need every single supporter there on 6 November at 10 AM to show all of Kew the enormous level of community support behind Sophie’s campaign.

It's neck and neck between Sophie and the Liberals in Kew. This contest will come down to a few hundred votes. If you want Independent community representation at the state level, we need your support on 6 November to ensure Sophie gets over the line on election night.

Help us find those few hundred votes to win Kew - RSVP for The Home Stretch now!

The Home Stretch will be a Day of Action. Our teal army will be out doorknocking, flyering and letterboxing across the entire electorate.

But first, to fire us up for the final three weeks before election day, we have lined up two amazing speakers that you will all be familiar will.

Ann Capling - Campaign Director for Monique Ryan

Rob Baillieu - Volunteer Manager for Monique Ryan

And of course, Ann and Rob will be followed by a speech from our extraordinary Independent candidate for Kew Sophie Torney.

Light refreshments will be provided and after the speeches, we will depart Victoria Park and head out across the entire electorate. We plan to send flyer teams to every shopping strip, doorknockers to every suburb and letterboxers to vital, targeted zones of the electorate.

6 November is the most important event of this campaign!

At this election, we have a wonderful opportunity to elect Sophie Torney as our Independent member for Kew and lift the standard of leadership and debate in the Victorian Parliament.

We will never have another chance to turn Kew Independent. Don’t miss out, and don’t have any regrets on election night. Every flyer handed out, every door knocked on, every letterbox drop and every conversation makes a difference.

You can be the difference for Sophie on election night by joining us on 6 November at Victoria Park.

RSVP now for The Home Stretch and play your part in securing a fresh start in Kew!

I’ll see you on 6 November for The Home Stretch.


Hayden O’Connor
Campaign Director

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