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Put a sign up for Sophie

Our campaign for a fresh start in Kew is growing. Every week we see new volunteers, new donors and new faces at Pizza Night. Support for Sophie’s campaign is going from strength to strength—just take a look at the numbers:

  • 6000 doors knocked
  • 400 corflutes on homes
  • 200 volunteers
  • 196 individual donors
  • $150,000 raised


It’s all thanks to your fantastic support but we can’t stop now. The election is just 41 days away and we need your help to ensure Sophie wins!

There’s one straightforward thing you can do right now without even leaving your home that will increase Sophie’s name recognition within the community and boost our chances of winning.

We need you to host a free corflute on your property!

Displaying a corflute (yard sign) on your property is simple, all you have to do is visit our website, put in your name and address and our team will stop by in the next few days and install a corflute for you. It’s that easy!

Our data shows Sophie is neck and neck with the Liberals in Kew. Our data also shows that hosting a corflute increases the likelihood of your neighbours voting for Sophie by 30%. We have a huge opportunity to make political history in Kew by electing an Independent for the first time but we need every supporter to play their part.

Displaying a corflute boosts Sophie’s name recognition, shows locals that Sophie has strong community support and increases her chances of winning on election night.

With just a few clicks on our website, you will make a huge difference for Sophie!

Show your neighbours that you’re supporting Sophie Torney by hosting a free corflute on your property.

Doorknocking Day

A huge thanks to everyone who attended our doorknocking day of action yesterday, with many of you doorknocking for the first time. What an amazing turnout. Our wonderful community continues to rise to the occasion. We couldn’t ask for a better team of teal volunteers.

We’re still doing the data entry but it looks like we knocked on well over 1,000 doors! That’s a whole week's worth of doorknocking in a single day!

On behalf of Sophie’s campaign team, I’d like to thank every single volunteer for your work on our campaign. We are extremely grateful. Volunteers are the most important part of a community campaign, without you and your support we have nothing.

Together, as a community, we are changing the way politics is done and your efforts are very much appreciated.

For those of you who doorknocked for the first time yesterday, thanks for trying something new and we hope you enjoyed it.

We’re out doorknocking every day, so if you’d like to doorknock again and continue spreading the positive message of Sophie’s campaign, signup to volunteer.

A note from Sophie

Busy week on the campaign and at HQ meeting with the Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre (highly recommend lunch at Sparechair cafe), wonderful residents at two aged care homes, the Greythorn Traders Association and two Health briefings. Yesterday I dropped into the St Paul’s East Kew recycling trial - a brilliant initiative by the local community for the recycling of items not collected by the Council pickup or the supermarket programs (check out the St Paul’s East Kew Facebook page for details). And of course, Doorknock Day, a very special event for the campaign, and what a day it was. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers for being part of our historic day, you made all the difference.

In another week when integrity and accountability were firmly on the agenda on both sides of politics, momentum is building for the change the community want, for a better, robust, open and more representative style of politics. Together we can win this election. Together we can have a fresh start in Kew.


Doorknocking day might be done and dusted but we still have plenty of fun volunteer activities that need your support.

As you know, the contest in Kew will come down to a few hundred votes. Every flyer you hand out, every door you knock on, and every conversation you have is another potential vote for Sophie.

Sign up to volunteer today and help us win in Kew


We’re stretching our campaign budget to the absolute limit to ensure we give Sophie every chance of winning this election.

This week we are increasing our social media spend, we’ve ordered 200 more corflutes, we’re printing two electorate-wide mailouts and we’re going crazy with large real estate signs.

Here’s how your donation dollars are used to support Sophie’s campaign:

$200 = a T-Shirt, 3 posters, and 1000 flyers for one of our amazing volunteers
$350 = a large real estate sign in a prominent location
$1000 = reach 10,000 locals with our online video ads
$2500 = cover the entire cost of our next t-shirt purchase, ensuring every volunteer has a shirt for election day
$4320 = pay for a letterbox drop to cover the entire electorate

Help us put up more real estate signs and keep our social media spend high by donating today.

Meet Sophie

Balwyn Woolworths 11:30 AM - 1 PM

Balwyn Cinema 4-5 PM

Mr Giraffe Coffee 3:30-4:45 PM

177 High Street Kew 2-3 PM
Pizza Night from 6:30 PM

Upcoming Events (Save the date)

Mental Health Forum - 24 October - Sophie HQ
Business Forum - 27 October - Sophie HQ
Climate Forum - 3 November - Sophie HQ

Thanks again for all your support, there are only 41 days to go, let's keep the momentum building for a fresh start in Kew!


Hayden O'Connor
Campaign Director

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