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Policy Priorities

The value of being a community Independent is that my policy priorities are developed through consultation with our community; in line with expert advice. As your representative and Independent member for Kew, my vote in parliament will never be influenced by party politics, donors, lobbyists or backroom deals.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you during the campaign - on the streets, at pizza nights at Sophie HQ and at community events.

Victoria has led the way with climate action but we must do more. Now is the time to ramp up our efforts. We need a race to the top approach for renewables as part of our contribution to limiting global warming.

My priorities on climate action include:

  • An energy transformation plan with legislated targets and clear time frames to get to 100% renewables for Victoria’s electricity network by 2030
  • Legislate and plan for a 75% carbon emissions reduction target by 2030 and net zero by 2035, as advised by the Climate Council
  • Legislate a ban on new fossil fuel exploration in Victoria
  • Accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles with a two year renewal Government fleet program to boost the second hand market and repeal the EV tax

Victoria has a poor track record in the area of environmental protection. The logging of our native forests is endangering our wildlife and putting our water catchments at risk.

My priorities on environmental protection include:

  • Legislate to end native forest logging and bring the end date forward to 2023
  • Stop the destruction of the tree canopy in Kew by amending planning laws
  • End public subsidies to the loss-making native forest logging industry

Victoria’s anti-corruption commission is one of the weakest in the country. We need greater systems of parliamentary accountability to lift the standard of integrity in politics.

My priorities on integrity and transparency include:

  • Establish a Parliamentary Ethics Committee as recommended by Operation Watts
  • Strengthen the investigative powers of Victoria’s anti-corruption commission
  • Legislate the funding of our anti-corruption commission to be independent of Government
  • Empower IBAC to hold more public hearings by removing the ‘exceptional circumstances’ requirement

By embracing the economic benefits of climate action, we will create new jobs, lower energy bills and strengthen our economy.

My priorities for a strong economy are:

  • Create new jobs by unlocking the employment and investment opportunities of a clean energy economy
  • Reduce energy costs through rooftop solar and electrification for businesses and households
  • Support small businesses in the COVID recovery
  • Support a ‘fairness formula’ to regulate rental increases as recommended by Tenants Victoria

Every Victorian is aware of the pressures on our health system. We need an apolitical approach to resolve our health crisis and deliver the world class health care that Victorians deserve.

My priorities for healthcare include:

  • Advocating for a comprehensive plan to fix our health system, informed by Independent experts
  • Urgently improve access to mental health services for young and vulnerable Victorians
  • Invest in training healthcare workers to improve staffing in hospitals
  • Increase staff retention by providing healthcare workers with greater workplace flexibility.

Our community is welcoming, respectful and inclusive.

My priorities for promoting diversity and inclusion are:

  • Increase accessibility of public transport by building additional accessible tram stops
  • Support Treaty with Victoria's First Nations people
  • Respect, engage, and listen to the needs of multicultural and diverse communities
  • Support gender equality, respect for women and the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Respect, engage and enable people with disability in Victoria

I’m interested to hear directly from you about your policy priorities and how I can best represent you in parliament. Please fill out the contact form on my website and let me know what is important to you and your family.

My above policy priorities will be regularly updated throughout the campaign based on community feedback and expert advice.