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Kew is on a knife edge

We have very exciting news! It’s officially a two horse race in Kew between Sophie Torney and Tim Smith’s replacement. 

Our own data shows that Sophie is neck and neck against her Liberal competitor. That means that for the first time in Victoria’s history, Kew is on a knife edge! This contest will come down to a few hundred votes.

Australia’s most renowned election expert, Antony Green, agrees. His analysis for the ABC this week identifies Sophie as the major contender against the Liberals in Kew.

An Independent has never won in Kew - together we can make political history!

The Liberals have held Kew since 1927 and they aren’t letting go without a fight. That means they’re spending BIG to retain the seat. You will have seen their advertising on phone booths across the electorate.

To ensure that Sophie gets over the line on election night, we need your help in funding our own outdoor advertising campaign so that every voter in Kew knows that they have a real community-backed Independent alternative at this election. 


There are only 48 days before the election and the time to act is NOW.

Our data show that when people learn about Sophie they want to vote for her. Your donation will directly shift votes by helping us lift Sophie’s recognition in the community.

Can you donate today and help us raise $20,000 to fund our mobile billboards?

If every person who receives this email donated $100, we would easily exceed our $20,000 goal and drastically boost Sophie’s chance of winning!

The Great Big Door-knock Day

Our fantastic team of volunteers have knocked on 5,000 doors already and we're racing to knock on every door in Kew. Each home we knock on is another voter who knows that Sophie is an option for them on election day. Doorknocking can shift 2% of the vote - that's enough votes to get Sophie over the line on November 26. 

Saturday 15 October is our Great Big Doorknocking Day. This will be the most important volunteer event for the campaign. We aim to have 100 supporters out for three hours, which will enable us to knock on 2,000 doors in a single day! 

If you haven’t yet had a chance to show your support for Sophie - Saturday 15 October is the day to play your part in getting Sophie elected - sign up now!

We will meet at the Canterbury Gardens with our friends from Hawthorn at 10 AM, pose for an amazing photo or two, hand out maps and folders, pair up and then head out to knock on 2,000 doors in Kew. If you’re new to doorknocking, don’t worry. We will pair you with an experienced doorknocker. All you need to do is take notes! No previous experience is required to participate in doorknocking. Everyone who tries it loves it. We can promise you that it will be rewarding and fun.

Doorknocking was a huge success in the Kooyong campaign and played a vital role in Monique Ryan’s win. Doorknocking an entire electorate will shift at least 2% of the vote. That’s 800 voters in Kew and since we know this election will come down to a few hundred votes, doorknocking will be crucial to Sophie’s campaign.

This Saturday could be the day that wins the election for Sophie! 

Sign up for Doorknocking Day and help us knock on 2,000 doors.

Pizza Night

Another huge turnout at pizza night on Friday with many new faces and a special guest!

A huge thanks to Monique Ryan for attending our pizza night and revving up our volunteers with an inspiring speech. There was a real buzz and a sense of excitement when we revealed how close the contest is in Kew. 

Our pizza nights run every Friday at Sophie HQ - 177 High Street Kew from 6:30 PM. Make sure you’re there each week to receive the latest ‘insider’ news from the campaign, enjoy some pizza and chat with Sophie.  

A message from Sophie

What an incredible week on the campaign. From our LGBTQIA+ forum at the Postmaster Hotel, meeting with community groups and attending fairs and markets including the Circolo Pensionati, RUANELA, The Twilight Market, the Mission Fair, the opening of the new playground at Victoria Park, the Willsmere Kitchen Garden Party and the MLC fundraising lunch to “flyering” in all the retail shopping centres and door knocking across the electorate, it’s been great to see you Kew.

You are telling me that integrity and transparency in government are important to you. There are many things we can do starting with broadening the definition of what can be investigated by our corruption watchdog - IBAC. We need to strengthen the powers IBAC has for investigation, establish a “Gold Class” independent funding mechanism and amend the act to ensure that public hearings are the rule, not the exception. It’s time for our politicians to be held to account.

You’ve also been telling me that inclusion matters, that you want faster and more comprehensive action on climate and protection of biodiversity. I’m listening and I am working on our community policies and positions and I can’t wait to hear more from you. I also can’t wait to see you all there, Saturday 15th at 10 AM for our doorknocking extravaganza. The most important volunteer event of our campaign, you won’t want to miss out, trust me. Come at 10 and let’s do this. See you then or at Pizza night, or on the street or at your front door.



It’s a sign

If you’ve been walking down or driving through the streets of our electorate this week you would have surely seen an abundance of Sophie Torney signs. Thanks to your support, we now have over 300 signs up across the electorate.

Displaying a sign increases the likelihood of your neighbours voting for Sophie by 30%.

Show your neighbours that you’re supporting Sophie Torney for a fresh start in Kew by putting up a sign today.


The weather is warming up and the election is less than a month away! Now’s the perfect time to join our wonderful team of teal volunteers.

There are many ways you can help with Sophie’s campaign. Flyer teams, doorknocking, data entry, office reception, calling volunteers and much more. You can even volunteer from home.


Sign up to volunteer and join Team Sophie today.


Our campaign is funded by our generous community. The major parties have access to both public funding and a nominated entity that can make unlimited donations.

The rules aren’t fair but you can help us level the playing field!

Can you donate today and help us raise $20,000 to fund our mobile billboards?

Meet Sophie

Here's where you can meet Sophie for a chat this week.

Kew Junction 12-1:30 PM

Balwyn Woolworths 11:30 AM-1 PM

Pizza Night at Sophie HQ from 6:30 PM

Kew Junction 10-11 AM

The election is only 48 days away, help us win Kew by volunteering, putting up a sign or by making a donation

Thanks again for all your support.


Hayden O’Connor
Campaign Director

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