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Kew is no longer a safe Liberal seat

Did you see The Herald Sun yesterday? Pollsters believe the Liberal hold on Kew is ‘under threat’ thanks to Sophie’s campaign for a fresh start in Kew.


Kew isn’t a safe seat anymore but that doesn’t guarantee Sophie the win. Our internal data shows that Sophie is still neck and neck with the Liberal Party in Kew. Prepoll starts in just 15 days and we expect 50% of people to vote early.

The next 15 days are crucial. Voters know the election is just around the corner and they are now thinking about who to vote for. Seeing large amounts of public support for Sophie will have a huge impact on voters.

We will never have another chance to elect a community Independent in Kew. Make sure you don’t have any regrets on election night—play your part to help Sophie win by:

And most importantly, you can help Sophie win by joining us on Sunday 6 November for The Home Stretch at Victoria Park.

The Home Stretch

On Sunday 6 November we will launch The Home Stretch of Sophie’s campaign for a fresh start in Kew at Victoria Park.

We need every single supporter there on 6 November to show all of Kew the enormous level of community support behind Sophie’s campaign.

It's neck and neck between Sophie and the Liberals in Kew. This contest will come down to a few hundred votes. If you want Independent community representation at the state level, we need your support on 6 November to ensure Sophie gets over the line on election night.

Help us find those few hundred votes to win Kew - RSVP for The Home Stretch now!

The Home Stretch will be a Day of Action. Our teal army will be out doorknocking, flyering and letterboxing across the entire electorate.

But first, to fire us up for the final three weeks before election day, we have lined up two amazing speakers:

Ann Capling - Campaign Director for Monique Ryan
Rob Baillieu - Volunteer Manager for Monique Ryan

And of course, Ann and Rob will be followed by a speech from our extraordinary Independent candidate for Kew Sophie Torney.

Light refreshments will be provided and after the speeches, we will depart Victoria Park and head out across the entire electorate. We plan to send flyer teams to every shopping strip, doorknockers to every suburb and letterboxers to vital, targeted zones of the electorate.

6 November is the most important event of this campaign! RSVP now and help us win!

Get your Sophie merch

With prepoll starting in just 15 days, you can have a huge impact on voters by wearing your Sophie merch out in public every chance you get!

We have something for every occasion. T-shirts, tote bags, umbrellas, dog bandanas, baseball caps and bucket hats.

Every time you leave the house, make sure you’re wearing a Sophie shirt or carrying a Sophie tote bag and show everyone in the electorate that you're supporting Sophie Torney for a fresh start in Kew.

Visit our website now and order some merch!

A message from Sophie

We’re on the home stretch.

What an incredible effort this week by the volunteer and campaign team. And the community for talking about what matters. This week I met with the Kew Junction traders, visited Sackville Grange retirement home, Balwyn Evergreen, Balwyn Primary School, Genezzano College, Servants Community Housing, Giant Steps as part of the MLC Stars Day community service and the Greythorn Halloween event. We also ran the Mental Health Forum and the Business Forum which focused on reducing energy costs through efficiency measures.

Wow Kew, there’s much to see and do and people to meet and it’s energising and exciting.

Yesterday, after a massive turn out for flyering in the morning, I had the pleasure of visiting the amazing Pride Centre in St Kilda before my interview on Joy.

Even with current emission reduction targets, global temps could rise by 2.5°C resulting in catastrophic climate breakdown so why do we continue logging our high density carbon forests until 2030? We need to change our politics, not only to race to the top with climate action and environmental protection but also to raise the standard of leadership and debate. It’s time for a fresh start in Kew and we can’t do it without you. See you on the 6th November if not before.



Have you been waiting for the perfect time to get involved in Sophie’s campaign? With just 15 days until voting starts, that perfect time is right now!

We can win this election and volunteer power is how we will do it. No matter how unfair the donation rules are and no matter how many dollars the major parties spend, it will never match the impact of local community support.

New volunteers are joining our campaign for a fresh start in Kew every day. The community is very supportive of Sophie’s campaign and that makes volunteering heaps of fun. From data entry to doorknocking, we have volunteer activities for everyone.

With prepoll just 15 days away, any volunteering you can do between now and then will have a massive impact. You can make the difference in this campaign and help us find the few hundred votes needed to win by joining Team Sophie today.

Will you sign up to volunteer today and help us win in Kew?

Declare your support—host a sign

Hosting a sign on your property increases the likelihood of your neighbours voting for Sophie by up to 30%. 500 locals have put up a sign for Sophie already, will you join them and help us get to 600 before the election?

Displaying a corflute (yard sign) on your property is simple, all you have to do is visit our website, put in your name and address and our team will stop by in the next few days and install a corflute for you. It’s that easy!

With just a few clicks you can boost Sophie’s name recognition and massively increase the chances of your neighbours voting for Sophie.

We are also paying the cost to install large real estate signs at any high-visibility locations within the electorate of Kew.

All you have to do is email [email protected] with your home address and within a few days, a large Sophie Torney sign will magically appear. No work is required on your end to install the sign and you don’t have to worry about removing the sign after the election either. This will all be handled by the sign installation company.

With just one email to [email protected], you will boost Sophie’s outdoor presence and her chances of winning on election night!


Thanks to your generous support, we have reached our $10,000 target to fund the cost of our How to Vote flyers.

We are now attempting to raise another $10,000 to cover the cost of polling booth supplies for prepoll and election day. This will include ensuring we have enough corflutes and a-frames for every booth on 26 November. The $10,000 will also cover the cost of providing enough umbrellas, t-shirts, snacks and water for all of our volunteers working long pre-poll shifts.

Can you please donate today to help us cover the cost of our polling booth supplies?

There are only 27 days until election day and as mentioned prepoll commences in just 15 days.

I’d like to thank you all for your amazing support so far. We have a real shot at winning this election and that’s thanks to all of you. Everyone who put up a sign, wore their Sophie shirt to the shops, volunteered their time, donated or chatted to friends and family about Sophie’s campaign—it’s all making a difference. So thank you.

I hope to see you all this Sunday 6 November for The Home Stretch of this campaign.

A fresh start in Kew is only 27 days away.


Hayden O’Connor
Campaign Director

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