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What is the value of an Independent?


An Independent’s first and only priority is their community. The value of an Independent is offering their community true representation without the influence of party politics. Party politicians are loyal first to their donors, lobbyists, factions and party. 

For an Independent, every vote in Parliament is reflective of their community. Unlike with a party, the policy positions of an Independent are developed through community consultation and expert advice. An Independent engages with their community and listens to their concerns and values and then takes those values into Parliament.

The 2022 federal election started a new era of politics. We have already seen the impact that Independents can have in Parliament. The recently passed climate change bill was improved by sensible amendments from the newly elected Independents and Dr Monique Ryan is leading the national debate on electric vehicles and fuel efficiency. Independents in Federal Parliament have become the credible opposition by scrutinising every bill to improve legislation and by keeping important issues in the national spotlight. At a state level, in Victoria, we need Independents to lift the standard of debate, restore integrity to Spring Street and hold the major parties to account.