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How will you address the health crisis impacting our hospitals?


Victoria’s hospitals are under pressure from increased demand on emergency departments to full wards from a lack of rehabilitation and post-hospital care services for discharged patients.  Announcing new hospitals does not resolve the problem. We need to acknowledge the staffing issues. For too long we have depended on the goodwill of a dedicated, vocationally focused workforce to put in long hours and work under enormous pressure. I support a range of measures to ensure Victorians get the world-class healthcare they deserve:

  • The development of a long term plan for our healthcare system, informed by independent experts
  • Better staffed and better-resourced hospitals with more flexible work arrangements will lower the high attrition rate of health workers and help attract new staff
  • Career pathways and supported qualifications upgrades for medical staff to provide for a more productive medical care model
  • A greater emphasis on primary care and preventative measures to reduce the demand on emergency presentations and critical care, including community health models
  • Development of the allied health sector to provide the preventative and rehabilitation services to reduce hospital stays.