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How will you accelerate electric vehicle uptake and make EVs more affordable?


Accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles will reduce emissions and air pollution, improving both our environment and our health. Currently, electric vehicles are too expensive and motorists don’t have confidence in the availability of public charging stations to make the switch.

Victoria must implement a detailed electric vehicle uptake strategy including:

  • Repealing the electric vehicle tax until 50% of new vehicle sales in Victoria are EVs
  • Establishing a secondhand electric vehicle market by ensuring that 100% of VicFleet purchases are electric vehicles with a two-year renewal program.
  • Incentivising the purchase of electric vehicles through reduced stamp duty and registration fees with a goal of 100% of new vehicle sales being electric by 2035
  • Ensure a widespread rollout of non-proprietary, publicly-accessible EV infrastructure that includes regional areas.
  • Ensure all vehicles that receive or benefit from public funding are powered by renewable energy by 2040, including buses and emergency service vehicles