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We're racing to knock on every door in Kew

Yesterday Sophie and 30 volunteers met up at Mr Hendricks Cafe and then set out across the streets of Balwyn to knock on doors and find out what’s most important to our community. The weather on Saturday was perfect and our doorknocking was a huge success, many of our volunteers were doorknocking for the first time yesterday and they all returned with smiles on their faces having had an absolute blast.

With such a huge turnout yesterday, we knocked on over 600 doors on Saturday afternoon. That brings our total of doors knocked this week to more than 1200 and no doubt Team Sophie will be out doorknocking again today! Every week we are bringing in more volunteers and knocking on more doors - on Saturday 15th October we’re planning on taking it to the next level with a massive doorknocking day of action.

Doorknocking Day will be the most important volunteer event for the campaign, if we can get 100 volunteers on Saturday 15th October, we will knock on 2,000 doors in a single day!

We will meet at the Canterbury Gardens with our friends from Hawthorn at 10 AM, pose for an amazing photo or two, hand out maps and folders, pair up and then head out to knock on 2,000 doors in Kew. If you’re new to doorknocking, don’t worry. We will pair you up with an experienced doorknocker and you can scribe instead. No previous experience is required to participate in doorknocking and the more volunteers the better.

If you haven’t yet volunteered for Sophie - make October 15th your day to make a difference in Kew!

Sign up for Doorknocking Day and help us knock on 2,000 doors in a single day!

An update from Sophie

It’s been a busy week on the campaign. Starting with a visit to our beautiful Toolangi forest in the Central highlands only one hour from Melbourne. This was a really significant moment for me and for the team. As we wandered through the recently logged “coupes” with members and associates of the hard working Australian Conservation Foundation team, we heard that 96% of the wood is used for pulp and pallets and 60% of the logged trees are left behind and burned later.

It’s a climate disaster - the logging increases risk of severe bush fires as we saw in Black Saturday and Black Summer, reduces water security, emits huge amounts of carbon and reduces one of the most efficient and natural carbon sequestration options we have in Victoria. And to top it off, the industry is not even viable, millions of tax payer dollars are given in subsidies to VicForests and the business of logging native forests runs at a loss. We need to end the logging of our native forests now and transition to plantation timber. As a business woman, it makes no sense.

These are the kind of stalemates and opaque decision making that we need to change.

On a brighter note, I have been out in the community meeting many of you in the shopping areas in Balwyn and Greythorn, Deepdene and Kew. I met with an inspiring social enterprise and community groups and have spent much time speaking with experts across the environment and transport areas.

On Friday I had the absolute pleasure of joining senior community members at the U3A Sharing Cultures Day and participated in a group Tai Chi session and Line Dancing. We’re busy planning forums across a range of topics including Mental Health, Cost of Living, Integrity, Business and have our LGBTQIA+ forum next Saturday at the PostMaster Hotel at 3pm. And yesterday was an incredible day where we had dozens of door knockers and flying teams enjoying the sunshine and listening to what matters to you.

We really love to hear what you have to say and we’re coming to your door soon. But if you can’t wait, please drop into HQ on a Friday night, we’re there every week for our much-loved Pizza Night. The pizza is free, the conversations are great and I hope to see you there. Have a great week!



If you are an LGBTQIA+ person or ally, join Sophie and Mel on Saturday 8th October from 3-5 PM at The Postmaster Hotel 186 High St, Kew for a chat. We will provide your first drink!


The Australian Financial Review covered the success of our campaign this week: Victorian teal candidates race towards $100k fundraising goals

The article came about in a strange way, with the Liberal party suggesting that we don’t have community support for Sophie’s campaign in Kew. Our response was to share the above photo of Sophie filling in the $100,000 mark on our donations thermometer, along with our doorknocking stats. For those counting at home, we have now knocked on over 3,000 doors.

Most interestingly in the article was a quote from Kos Samaras highlighting the significance of our fundraising achievements. $100,000 in three weeks is an extraordinary achievement that the major parties can only dream of!

We can’t stop now though! Yes, we have raised a huge amount in a small space of time but the major parties have been fundraising for the past 4 years and they receive public funding for their campaigns that Sophie doesn’t have access to. Ultimately as covered in The Age, the rules aren’t fair for Independent candidates - which is why we still need your help.

To fund the entirety of our campaign and give Sophie every chance of winning in Kew, we need to raise another $100,000.

Will you help keep our fundraising success going and donate today?


With school holidays now coming to an end and people returning from time away with their families, we expect volunteer numbers to ramp up even further! The election is now only 55 days away and early voting begins in just 43 days.

Now is the time to put on a teal t-shirt and make your impact on Sophie’s campaign. Doorknocking and flyer teams are both a lot of fun, and the feedback from the community is overwhelmingly positive. Yesterday, we had many people doorknocking for the first time and they’re all excited to come back next weekend and do it again.

We all know that Sophie is an amazing candidate, when people hear about who Sophie is, they want to vote for her. Every door you knock on and every flyer you hand out is another potential vote for Sophie! Our analysis shows Kew could come down to 200 votes. In one doorknocking session, a single volunteer will knock on 40 doors. On election day, those 40 doors could be the difference that wins the election for Sophie!

Will you volunteer for Team Sophie and help us secure the 200 votes needed to win Kew?

Meet Sophie

Balwyn Woolworths 12:15-1 PM

Kew Junction 12-1:30 PM

Pizza Night
177 High Street Kew every Friday from 6:30 PM

Thanks once again for your support of Sophie's campaign. I hope to see you out doorknocking sometime this week.


Hayden O'Connor
Campaign Director

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