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Donate to Sophie Torney's campaign

Thanks for donating to Sophie's campaign in Kew.

Kew is on a knife edge - our data shows that Sophie is neck and neck with the Liberal Party.

Help us win in Kew by donating today, here's how your donations are put to work:

$200 = a T-Shirt, 3 posters, and 1000 flyers for one of our amazing volunteers
$350 = a large real estate sign in a prominent location
$1000 = reach 10,000 locals with our online video ads
$2500 = cover the entire cost of our next t-shirt purchase, ensuring every volunteer has a shirt for election day
$4320 = pay for a letterbox drop to cover the entire electorate

Elections are expensive and the major parties have significant advantages. The most any donor can give is $4,320 but the Labor and Liberal Party each have a nominated entity that can make unlimited donations to the party above the $4,320 cap. As an Independent, Sophie can’t nominate such an entity. The major parties have also received $27 million of taxpayer money to fund their campaigns - again as an Independent candidate, Sophie does not have access to public funding for her campaign.

Your donation will help level the playing field and make a huge difference to Sophie's campaign.

Please make sure you read the Donation Information section below before donating. There is a donation cap of $4,320 in Victoria and donations over $1,080 must be disclosed. Donations to Sophie Torney are currently NOT tax-deductible.

If you'd like to donate via direct deposit (EFT) then please email [email protected]

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Contributions are tax deductible.

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Donation Information

You are donating to Sophie Torney’s campaign.

  • Sophie Torney can only accept donations from Australian citizens, residents, or businesses. By donating you confirm that you are NOT a foreign donor.
  • Donations over $1,080 are not anonymous and will be disclosed to the Victorian Electoral Commission.
  • Donations or multiple donations from a single donor in the 4 years between state elections that exceed $4,320 cannot be accepted as per the Victorian Electoral Commission general donation cap.
  • If you make a single donation above $4,320 then we are unable to return your donation as Victorian Electoral Commission rules require that we surrender single donations above the cap of $4,320 to the Victorian Electoral Commission.
Donations are not tax deductible at this time. Please email [email protected] if you have any queries.