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About Sophie

I am a businesswoman and community volunteer who champions respect and integrity and seeks to offer our community an alternative and fresh start as your independent candidate for Kew. 

The new independent voices in Canberra have demonstrated an exciting new era in politics and now in Kew we can do the same: to raise the standard of leadership and debate, enable individual voices, deliver evidence based policy and secure freedom of representation without the constriction of party politics.

Now is the time for us to push ahead for what our community wants: a fresh start with integrity, working for a stronger economy and real progress on climate action.

I have lived in Kew for 23 years with my husband Tony and three children and have immersed myself deeply in the community. A decade participating as a committee member and then President of the MLC Parents’ Association, managing junior football teams and clubs for 4 seasons, leading volunteer groups to deliver support and services to charities including Boroondara Community Outreach, You Matter, McAuley Community Services for Women, Share the Dignity, The Big Group Hug, & the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS). Most recently in supporting refugees from Ukraine – helping deliver clothing, food, vouchers and essential items to over two hundred newly arrived families. Additionally, during the pandemic I organised volunteers to make thousands of masks for the Boroondara homeless and charities across Melbourne.

During my professional career I was in Information Technology at the National Westminster Bank in the UK, a software programmer and project manager in medium and large organisations before studying business at the University of Melbourne, completing an MBA in 2001. I've also founded start-up companies, run businesses, and worked in the financial, technology and literary sectors.

I am passionate about this community continuing to thrive and grow and offer a proven track record in bringing communities together by listening, problem solving and understanding their values and needs.