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Anna Baker

Anna Baker 52, Retail Worker, Kew

Anna thinks Sophie offers a positive alternative compared with the major political parties.

I never felt connected with any political movement or party, even though I came from a conservative background, and I just did what my parents did, which was vote Liberal. I just couldn't relate. 

The state Liberal Party is a total mess. I don't see any inspiration from the leadership, and I've never been interested in the Labor party. I don't trust the Labor or Liberal Party. My impression is party members put the party first and the community second. 

My whole purpose for being on board Sophie’s campaign is finally I found I can relate and feel I can help make a positive change.

It makes a huge difference having an independent who does not speak on behalf of a party, who listens to people and wants to truly represent the Kew community. 

"Sophie is very easy to relate to on a personal level. She's educated, intelligent, has life experience, understands business and is very community oriented. I've seen what she's done with the schools, clubs, and refugees and that speaks more to me than what any of the other candidates have done." 

I respect her openness and her passion for truly listening and representing the community. A lot of politics is just putting someone else down and that's ineffective. Sophie’s enthusiasm and positivity is particularly appealing.

We need fresh voices, and we need to move forward and implement things that have been spoken about for a long time such as stronger climate action, greater transparency and integrity, homelessness, and more healthcare funding, particularly for mental health. 

I see now that there's a definite need for change and I think that change is possible in a really nice, positive way. I hope Sophie can change the thinking within Spring Street and be the real voice for Kew by representing us as opposed to a party and speeding up progress in the areas that are really on my mind. 

What do you love about Kew?

I came to Kew 20 years ago not necessarily wanting to be here but now I've just moved within Kew, and I don’t want to go anywhere else. That’s because it’s a very generous community and I’ve met really good, open-minded, passionate people.