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How will we achieve 100% renewables by 2030?


We must do everything possible to cut our emissions and energy is our largest source of climate pollution. Victoria has been leading the way in Australia, making significant progress in building clean energy, but we need to transition completely to renewable energy and we need a race to the top approach to ensure we can achieve 100% renewables by 2030. 

The renewable energy transition will create thousands of new jobs, lower power bills and protect our energy costs from the volatile global energy market.

Offshore wind and rooftop solar provide an achievable pathway for Victoria to generate 100% of our electricity through renewable energy by 2030. With a race-to-the-top approach and Independents in Parliament, we can make it happen.

We need to develop a comprehensive energy transformation plan with legislated targets and clear time frames. This plan should include:

  • A legislated 100% renewable energy 2030 target
  • Investments in offshore wind, storage and transmission
  • Increase the uptake of rooftop solar with significant and widespread incentives, ensuring rooftop solar is accessible to all renters, business owners and homeowners
  • Mandate solar panels for new buildings and homes
  • Support skills-based training to expand the installation and maintenance of rooftop solar
  • Remove barriers preventing the installation of rooftop solar for homes with a heritage-listed roof by adapting existing planning laws
  • Investment based on expert advice in transmission, generation and storage
  • Subsidies and incentives to increase battery storage at the household, business, community, and state level